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Things to Do In Watford


Easily accessible on the M25 London, Watford was a market town developed during the Industrial Revolution and absorbed by the 20th century’s capital. The city is on the Cullen River banks, and as green as it is, there are broom parks like Cassioberry, once the Tudor Palace site.

Nearby is Warner Bruce Studios Studios in Leavesden, where the Harry Potter films were made, and it is now embarking on an action-packed studio tour using original sets, wallets, and costumes.

Watford is a shopping and entertainment center with two famous theaters and heart-wrenching history in St. Church. Mary Sania has a proper chapel.

Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour

The Leavesden’s Warner Bros film studio is located in the Watford Borough, and each Harry Potter film production is based in the 2000s. So after the last Harry Potter film came out, the studio began touring cinemas using authentic props, animatronics, special effects, costumes, and entertainment made by the same people who worked on sets or films.

The three-hour tour takes you to the world of Harry Potter, takes you to the Great Hall under Diagon Alley, and takes you to Platform 9¾, where you can take the original Hogwarts Express train used in the film. ۔ Fans can have a clear view of their lifetime, reading every little detail in costumes such as invisible uniforms, Joel’s hair dress, and Wasley family jumpers.

Cheslyn Gardens

Remarkably, Cheslyn Gardens is a 3.5-acre park has a history. The land was owned by the Earl of Essex until 1888 and was sold in the 1940s to architect Henry Colbeck and his wife, Daisy.

The couple built a house and arranged an enchanting park two decades before it was sold to Watford Council in 1965. The gardens are a beautiful sight, decorated with statues and planted with exotic plants collected by Colicus on a world tour.

In front is a formal park, while there is Woodland in front of you. Since the council came to power, the boundaries of the stone garden, pond and potions have been added. You can take your children to the aviary, including quails, finches, bees, and other small birds.

Watford Palace Theatre

Even if you don’t plan on watching the show, the Edwardian Watford Palace Theater (1908) has loads to offer. The mighty facade features antelope ribbons and alternating white limestone, with a pair of copper-coated domes.

In its early days, Theater Palace held a music room show (similar to American Voodoo) and hosted major film stars such as singer Mary Lloyd and actor Evie Green.

A century later, Theater Palace is still a producer theater, providing opportunities for young talents, while performing on the musical tour of London West End and singers, orchestras, and the Glandburn Opera Festival in the summer. Also, live performances.

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