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Best 7 Most Common Sex Fantasies

Top 7 Most Common Sex Fantasies

Have you ever wondered if your sexual fantasies are shared or similar to those of your friends? Or even your partner? If you don’t want to share your personal preferences with your closest and dearest, you won’t know how normal or naughty you are. Maybe Fifty Shades of Gray is your perfect sexy cup of tea, or maybe Christian Gray has nothing to do with your imagination.

Here are the seven most common sex fantasies that maybe you need to try with Hertfordshire Escorts.

1. Threesome
Surprisingly, it ranks third on the list, with 89% for both genders! Surprisingly, men preferred to be accompanied by two women, and women were altogether more open-minded and not minding which gender was involved!

Those in relationships will also prefer to involve their other half in an imaginary threesome.

Bondage, discipline, domination, and submission, Everyone who floats in your boat is under the BDSM umbrella. Getting and dealing with pain is very common in both sexes; women prefer to imagine coping with their partner. 65٪ participant dreamed about some form of hot wax that drips, spits, and cuts it.

3. Shaking things up
It is only natural for those in a long-term relationship that sexual habits repeat themselves repeatedly, even if they are stale. The path of life is discovered, and the boundaries of acquaintance and time are filled.

So it’s no surprise that changing sexual positions or locations gets them afloat. Not only that, with the help of relationships, people have a general idea of having sex with people other than their partners unless this healthy idea is carried on in real life.

4. Public sex
Public sex is also one of the most common sexual fantasies for women, especially if there is a slight risk of getting caught up! Examples are given in offices, parks, or even elevators (which will be recorded on CCTV regardless of the risk of fellow elevator passengers).

5. Open relationship
While many long-term relationships will imagine having sex with someone other than their partner, many also prefer that their partner approves of their relationship. Open. Men cite the idea of ‘open relationships’ as their priority, and 62% of women agree. 58% also like the idea of having sex with other people.

6. Meaningful sex
While this may not come as a surprise, it is nice to hear that both men and women categorize ‘meaningful sex’ in conversations between slaves and slaves. Meaningful sex that makes them feel wanted, admired, and sexy. Want to feel comfortable in the bed and partner even better – next time you feel comfortable in the bedroom, it’s a good thing to remember.

7. Same-sex encounters
Although most of the study participants had been formally identified, there was still a general perception of having sexual fantasies about the same sex. Meanwhile, 59% of women dream of living with another woman, and 26% of men lusting after another man in their imagination.

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