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Things to do In Welwyn Garden City

Welwyn Garden City

Welwyn Garden City is one of the newest cities in England, developed in 1920. The city was planned by Sir Ebenezer Howard, who also designed Letchcourt in 1903. It was another “garden city” that aimed to harmonize the city and nature.

Despite its name, Welwyn Garden City is actually a city and locally called WGC. It is located on the banks of the Lee River, the surrounding A1M highway.

With trains directly to King’s Cross Station, only 24 miles south, making WGC a famous boarding town for city travelers. It is also connected by train to Cambridge, Peterborough, Hatfield, and Stevens.The little town of Welwyn, a few miles away.

One of the local attractions is the Velvet Railway Viaduct, which has 40 arches and is 475 meters long (1,560 feet). It is 30 meters (100 feet) high and was opened in 1850 by Queen Victoria. It was said that she was so afraid of the height that she refused to surpass it!

Welwyn Garden City Now

Welwyn Garden City is home to nine Georgian cities with residential and industrial properties named after tree aisles. Old houses are on the west side of the main boulevard and new houses on the east.

The city has excellent indoor shopping facilities at the modern Howard Center. Relaxation and recreation are provided by several local golf courses, where Nick Faldo practiced the famous beginning of golf. Gosling Sports Center has extensive facilities, including dry ski trails, tennis and squash courts, athletic paths, and a fitness center. West Campus also has a cinema and theater.

Close to London for travelers, there is also a lot of social work because it is home to Tesco, Roche, and Xerox. With the sweet scent from the local Nestle factory, that is sure to get your tastebuds going.

The most exciting part of the city is the coronation fountain at the junction of Parkway and Howard’s Gate, which is worth exploring and enjoying.

Famous residents include golfer Nick Faldo, artist Damien Hirst, footballer David James and Rolling Stones band member Mick Tailor.

Lake Stanborough is close to Welwyn Garden City and offers pleasant rural tours and water shops. Fishing, boating, and dog walks are popular.

An exciting place of interest is the Welwyn Roman Baths preserved under Junction 6 of the A1 (M) Motorway. Formerly part of a Roman villa, room, and hypocrisy can still be seen clearly. Attractions are open most weekends until 2pm-5pm.

Knebworth House and Park is only 13 km from Stevenage or heading southwest to St. St. Albans and explore St. Cathedral Albans, Clock Tower, Roman Theater, and Old Gorhambury House.

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