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Things in the Kitchen That You Can Use for Sex

Things in the Kitchen That You Can Use for Sex

What is the kitchen if there is no extra space to hang out? You might have like four dishes that you use, the sprayers collecting dust that you swear you will one day try to sort out.

Before you jump in and bang on your gas stove, you have to plan – and once you’re done in the kitchen, you will never see your dishes like this again. There are some tips and ideas for Stobbs and Hope, but don’t hesitate to come.

Chip clips

Nipple clamps are another BDSM tool that can be used, clothes clips, or cloth pins in your kitchen, says Stables. He said, “Before you start pinching your partner, test it on yourself. Then you can sip sensitive chips on your partner and lick salt with your fingers.

Kitchen faucet

Why do kitchen sinks have detachable sprayers? To make your orgasm more intense, of course. If you have vaginal sex ask them to sit on both sides of the kitchen sink with both feet spread. Then, use a sprayer to move the water flow and stimulate them. Play with it, but know that you will get more than a little wet.

Ice Cube

Experiment with a temperature game by putting ice in your mouth or on your partner’s body and melting it, Hope said. Then change the temperature by drinking hot tea or coffee. Be careful with the heat, because your mouth can handle different temperatures, but your penis may not because this is a sensitive area.

Silicone spatula

Try using a silicone spatula for a game of impact, “Stubbs said,” because it means it’s better. “Or if you have a wooden spoon, it can also function as a pedal. Although it is considered playable, you still have to be careful of the impact game, because it can be dangerous. This means you and your partner must agree, and if you need to rest or stop altogether, have a safe word.


The kitchen floor isn’t the most fun, so having sex on the ground can be painful for your joints. Store something soft under your knees. That way, you can still do the usual crazy sex positions or perform oral sex on your knees without getting hurt.

Oven mitts

The oven mitts may not look the sexiest, but you can use it as a fake handcuff. Put your partner’s hand in them so they can’t use their hands, and let them guess what you will do next. Or if you are more submissive, save it and let your partner take over.


Cucumbers can be used as a dildo, so it’s a great alternative when you are having sex in the kitchen. Make sure you use a condom and wash thoroughly before and after use.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil functions as a varnish. Put some in your palm and let it melt, then use it as a penis or personal oil on the object. Or, you can give your partner an erotic massage using it.

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