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10 Best Tips For Fantastic Outdoor Sex

10 Best Tips For Fantastic Outdoor Sex

Turn up the heat when the sun shines and leads to the best sex with your Hertfordshire Escorts.

Here are 10 best way to have outdoor sex.

Don’t get caught

One of the most attractive things about having sex outside is the potential to get caught up in it. In fact, getting caught wouldn’t be fun. You could end up in prison for six months for indecent exposure. So pick a place where you can be sure no one will catch you.

Dress to impress

The playsuits section may be one of the fashion items this season, but when it comes to outdoor sex, it’s not easy at all. Likewise, skinny jeans are a noticeable number, no. Wear minimal clothes or skirts.

Be prepared

Wild, spontaneous sex in the great outdoors is all very well in theory. In practice, however, a little further planning will make the experience more enjoyable. To protect you from sand/grit/stone. Blankets and lube tubes are essential. If you really want spontaneity, keep them in the car boot at the ready at all times.

Use nature props

Trees are great for holding you steady when you’re having sex standing up with you facing the tree and him entering you from behind. Likewise, the large and low rocks provide ideal support for the doggy style. At the same time, the dunes offer an exciting twist to the missionary position as it enters you from different angles.

Lounge lover

Whether it’s in the back garden or poolside outside your private villa, make the most of your sun lounger. Have him lie on the lounger with his legs together. Then facing his feet, straddle his lap, both feet on the ground. Slide yourself down onto his penis. Move your hips back and forth, up and down, and side by side.

Make waves

Found a secluded beach? Just let him sit cross-legged at the edge of the water only by the shoreline. Straddle his lap with your knees on either side of him as you lower yourself onto his penis. Place your hands on his shoulders while holding you back to help you move from top to bottom.

Beach ball sex

Quiet Beach Position No.2: It’s also on the beach, but this time you bend down, place a beach ball under your hips. Release slightly from your legs but with your arms stretched out in front of you, keeping them on top of you who will face down between your legs. Beach balls increase the angle when you have your man coming from behind.

Boogie balcony

If you have the luxury of an invisible private balcony, use a wall to support it to carry when you have your man from behind. This is a great spot, but remember to slow it down, or you will get really weird looks.


Open the sunroof and pull yourself up (with his help) to perch yourself on the edge of it, with your legs hanging down inside. Now have him lick it until you get your orgasm. If you feel generous, return the favor.

Orgasm in the tent

Want to try great camping sex? If you want your tent to stay intact, now isn’t the time to try out some crazy stunts. The key is to slow down and control the movement. For an excellent intimacy experience, try to shine a light on the two of you by lying on your side and hugging you tightly and tucking you in from behind.

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