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How to Have the Best Quickie


There are several tricks to make sure that whatever sex you and your partner have – even if it lasts only five minutes, is perfect. Below are the golden rules for your quickie sex at any time.

Take time for foreplay

No need to act too fast. Foreplay work was an essential part of fast sex because it made the main event better. Send sexy photos of your partner during the day, or text you about what you will do to them when you meet them during lunch break.

Even though your meeting will be short, you will need time to get hard and ejaculate. It is fun, but you will also find ideas that you can think of to speed up the moment.

Consider your location for quick sex

Quickie has its name for a reason. Of course, this is faster than your usual routine, but it forces you to mix things up when you prefer certain tricks, and during the day, you usually don’t. So why not see where you intend to do it.

By not limiting yourself to location, you will open yourself up to more quickly than usual. Seriously, if you want your partner now and are near a remote place, do it.

However, one big thing to remember is privacy and legality. Ensure that no matter where you are, no one can walk in front of you or report your session to the police for indecent exposure. Instead of looking for it, read the rules in the car or in the public toilet, where you live, or you know, get a room.


No matter how experienced you are in the sex field, it always takes at least a few moments before you and your partner find the rhythm. So if you get a chance, touch yourself early. This will warm you up and make it easier for you to get hard so that you and your partner can get down and dirty in no time.

Dress for easy access

No one wants to spend time undressing, so save yourself a minute or two by wearing a dress or skirt that you can lift quickly, or maybe go commando and keep the panties at home. Let the jumpsuit and jeans make an appearance another day. Also, the urgent need for a quick sex session is hotter when you can get rid of clothes quicker.

Get aroused

Regardless of whether your quick sex is planned or not, one thing is sure; everything takes time. That means you will need a little time to get yourself wet or hard, especially if you don’t have time to play with yourself.

That’s where the lube comes in. A lubricant is an essential tool for the bedroom. Relieves pressure to get up quickly, reduce pain and friction, and provide overall comfort. Keeping lube in a bag, so when the time comes, you are always ready.

Don’t focus on your orgasm

Don’t be selfish and focus on your orgasm; think of your partner. If both of you felt the same, we can guarantee you will have a quickie full of satisfaction.

Instead, prioritize relationships with your partner, focus on happiness, and vice versa, be happy. Use this time to stimulate the intimate areas that you might have touched or felt your partner’s lips above you during your participation. By the way, you are more likely to get this orgasm when you are not obsessed with it.

Bring a vibrator

If you are pressed for time, you may feel the right choice using your movements and location. But with the vibrator in the mix, you can add variety and feel the experience – it’s always a good thing.

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