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Best Stay Home and Book Our Girls Tips


Each country has now issued a residence order. What exactly do these commandments mean, and how do they affect people? The health channel consulted with several experts to get answers to frequently asked questions.

What does it mean to stay at home?

A homestay means you stay home and stay away from others unless necessary to get out. We want people to stay at home as much as possible, except for going for medical care, food, and essential work. Although some people call it a protective order, this is not the case. Ordering at a shelter means that you will not be able to leave immediately for any reason at the direct risk of your life and safety.

What is the purpose of staying home orders?

The rule of thumb is how many people are at risk of contracting the virus. If we let everyone run their business, as usual, almost everyone will get the virus. About 80% of them will become very ill, and around 20% will need to be hospitalized.

What things can I do when I am ordered to stay at home?

You can still do the necessary activities, such as getting medical attention and buying food, medicine, and supplies. Also, gas stations and mechanics are open, as well as essential services such as banks, post offices, and shipping companies. The public swimming pool will also be closed during this time, but it’s okay to go for a walk or exercise as long as you practice social distancing. If you are a key worker, you can still go to work.

What things can’t I do when I have to stay home?

The important thing that you shouldn’t do is be around people that don’t live with you. You have to postpone activities like parties, sightseeing, or eating out, even though you can still get food or take it home. Also though schools are closed, we should not treat them as if children are on vacation. This is not the time for them to meet friends and play out.

How long can an order be enforced?

We don’t know how long the housing order will last. It all depends on how well people follow the rules to stay home and how the epidemic responds. There is a temporary increase in the number of cases because it takes time for people to get sick and get tested. This means that useful answers will not be immediately apparent.

Are there items I have to store?

Holmes suggests storing frozen and canned fruits and vegetables, bread, pasta, frozen food, meat and fish, and restricting access to grocery stores for breakfast, such as milk, eggs, and fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also order food delivery via PayPal, Amazon, or your local grocery store. However, Labs added, there was no need to stock up on toilet paper, water, or food. The shops will remain open, and our food supplies will be maintained, so there is no reason to panic buy. There is no reason to expect our water supply to fail because it is not a natural disaster such as an earthquake, so you don’t need to save water.

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