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Best 3 Masturbation Tips for Women


Schools don’t teach about sexual pleasures. Everything is based on the reproductive system. You know, the old “you will get pregnant.” Although this is crucial information, there is more to it than just having sex.

Not surprisingly, you don’t know much about masturbation. That’s not your fault. You probably won’t learn about that at school, which is part of your sexual organs designed just for pleasure.

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The precise class did not even realize the complete structure of internal clematis (yes, that’s all) until the 1990s. How about that?

Luckily, we help you. Here’s your bullshit, a guide for masturbation for the owner of the vagina. From masturbation with your fingers to the use of toys, we support you. It’s not like you automatically know if you have to touch a stone if you’ve never been taught what it is or what it does.

Masturbation Type

There are all types of masturbation methods, and none is better than the others. Whatever its shape is for you. Clitoral stimulation often feels very good, which may be the easiest way to reach orgasm. It’s fun to enter the vagina if this is something that interests you. If you decide to try penetration, you can find your place, which can be another potential center of happiness. Also, it’s important to remember that masturbation doesn’t have to involve your penis. Touching your nipples, stretching, or rubbing other areas that feel good can also make you happy. You don’t even have to stick to one type of masturbation at a time. In essence, they can move from one area to another as long as it feels pleasant. Bear in mind not to get involved with anal play before vaginal play as it can cause infections; hygiene is essential.

You can try one of these types of masturbation with your own hands, or introduce the toy if you find something interesting.

How to find your place

So, you have a clit. If you feel like adventuring, you can also try finding your place. Every vagina is different. Some people enjoy clitoral stimulation, and some enjoy a mixture of clitoral stimulation and G-spot.

Don’t be afraid It might seem like a lot to remember, but it isn’t. Don’t jump into double stimulation to find your place first. Do this by inserting one or two fingers into the vagina. Hook your fingers and feel the back of your belly button.

You will feel a little walnut texture, that your G-Spot

How to Masturbate With Your Finger

Now that you know your anatomy and what it’s like, you need to learn how to masturbate. Start with: Use one or two fingers to feel them. It should feel like a collision. When you rub it in a rhythmic circle, start experimenting with various pressures. You will find that you enjoy more pressure or less pressure. Every vagina is different.

If I already feel strange, then don’t be disappointed. Your first few experiences with masturbation can be a little uncomfortable and emotional. This is a new experience. After something tastes good, stick with it. Consistency is important.

It takes some time to play around.

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