You are currently viewing 5 Best Golf Courses in Hertfordshire

5 Best Golf Courses in Hertfordshire

5 Best Golf Courses in Hertfordshire

There is a selection of natural and beautiful golf courses in Hertfordshire. Ashridge is considered by many to be the best, but the highest-profile teacher since the 2006 WGC American Express Championship. That’s what happened to Tiger Woods, who won that tournament by eight shots with rounds of 63-64-67-67.

After all, these aren’t the only three courses worth playing, although to limit your long list, we’ve included our favourite picks in this section.

Here are 5 best golf courses in Hertfordshire you need to try with your local escorts in Hertfordshire.


Not too many proper tests of golf have no sand bunkers; Berkhamsted is a notable exception. James Braid’s offering is instead tree-lined and protected by some lengthy carries over heather as well as plenty of bracken and gorse. Suppose you avoid all of this, when you get close to the greens, they are small. Grim’s Dyke, the old runway, passed many places. The 9th is a good two with a (hopefully) road drive-over and usually plays longer than the length.

The Grove

Designed by Kyle Phillips at The Grove location in Hertfordshire, this model is one of England’s finest courses this century. The fact that he has been selected to host the 2006 WGC American Express Championship confirms his quality.

The Grove is a perfect example of the great British Parkland and Heathland courses of the early 1900s. Using natural contours, the mismatched mile stretches attractively across the rugged Swat of the Parland, lined with lined trees. USGA Green’s details are incredibly accurate, and, given the quality of their construction, they stay to a high standard for 12 months of the year.

Grove was previously the home of the Earl of Clarendon. The old house has been renovated and converted into a luxurious five-star hotel.


From the start to the end of the course, there is great and real excitement, perfectly preserved. The first two holes descend the wide canyon slowly and make it easier for you to round them as road shots collect at the slope’s bottom. If you can, it’s best to make some good scores here before the challenging, long 4th and 5th holes.

Bushey Hall

Bushey Hall course is ideal for golfers of all abilities. A solid fence, with thick rows of trees, water, and ruggedness, will challenge the best players, but at less than 6,000 yards, it’s also a course to enjoy. The 13th hard dog’s leg is 4 feet. At 479 yards, the T-shot should be long and healthy with the left hand, but the second shot will be too long. The 18th has a nice finishing hole with a pond behind the river and green to speak. The clubhouse’s wooden frames engraved in Bushey Hall indicate the history and heritage that is so abundant in this club that dates back more than 100 years.


Today, many young golfers are looking for a welcoming, inclusive, home-friendly, and not serious place. The new owners had come to the Centurion Club, a suburb of northwest London, eight years ago to help meet that demand from the start.

Architect Simon Goodman was privileged to revise original details and develop championship status by piecing together, adding, and editing bundles to create more dramatic shapes and create longer lengths. ۔ The result is a very clear mix of trees with healthier trees and healthier holes and holes that don’t break, as demonstrated by the recent Golf Six event in May this year.

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