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Who doesn’t want a more robust, longer-lasting, and more intense orgasm? That’s what we think. Thankfully it’s easy to get an orgasm. With just a few tips and a little help, we can get you there. So, sit and be prepared to feel things that you have never felt before. Prepare yourself; things will get intense. Try these tips with your Ayot St. Lawrence escorts.

Use your muscles

A strong stomach can help you, but if you want to maximize your experience, you need to train your pivocusial (PC) muscles. On your pelvic floor, this controls urination and swallowing during ejaculation, so doctors and sex therapists recommend its trained to increase orgasm and reduce the possibility of premature ejaculation. (Try exercises that strengthen the penis and prevent premature ejaculation).

Take it to the edge

There is no successful technique in increasing male orgasm – back off, relax, and work again. And again. And again. Practice masturbation until you come, then stop briefly, slow your breathing, and wait 30 seconds before continuing. Or try to prevent ejaculation by gently pulling your testicles down or squeezing your penis’ tip in the same way you do your penis. Then repeat the process. Master the art of edging, and you will get a contraction or “dry” orgasm: orgasm with the pleasure of ejaculation. If you practice a lot, you will have an intense experience.

Go to the gym

Exercise, or watch the Godfather, or go for a run. All of these activities have been proven to increase testosterone levels. Research has shown that the more testosterone a person has in their blood, the better their chance of reaching orgasm.

Don’t play with yourself

Now, stop “practicing.” Masturbation does not give you the sex that blows your mind. You know that your partner knows that and. According to a study by Stuart Brody, a psychology professor at the University of Paisley in Scotland, the body releases 400% more prolactin hormone (which makes us feel sexually satisfied) after entering the vagina than after masturbation.

Take a deep breath

Ask the Tantra sex therapist how to get a fully erect penis, and they will tell you that the key is breathing control. If you keep it deep and constant and develop faster, your orgasm will be more satisfying. On the other hand, breathing faster will increase your excitement. Yes, and push you to the edge.

Use your brain

Orgasm is about activating the brain. The brain activates the genitals and controls everything.

Heat things up

Indeed, scientists at the University of Groningen found a strange fact: cold-feet men are more difficult to reach orgasm than those who wear socks. The more comfortable we are, the more relaxed we are, and relaxation means better orgasms. However, because most women like men who wear nothing, except for their socks.

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