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Astwick Escorts: Doggy Style Fun Facts


Doggy style, you should already know what that is no explanation needed. Like “Missionary” and “Cowgirl,”; “doggy style” is a great sexual position. Everyone knows that, but there are many things that you might not know about it.

Here are some of the facts you need to know before trying it with your sexy Astwick Escorts:

There is no basis for the myth that doggy style is beneficial if you are trying to get pregnant.
Some believe that because this position allows deeper penetration, it is easier for sperm to reach the cervix. However, a fertility specialist asserted that “there is no evidence that intercourse from behind increases fertility.”

Doggy style won’t help if you are trying for a boy

The old wives’ tale that sex with the guy on top leads to male babies is also untrue. Roosevelt confirmed that this new technology made it clear that sperm X and Y were moving at the same speed and that different sexual positions had no effect on the sex of the child. If you are expecting a boy, keep crossing your fingers as this is just as effective.

Doggy is part of a more prominent family of “rear entry” sex positions.
Doggy style is not the only way to have sex from behind. Other lovemaking positions are part of the “reenter” group from the downward dog (yes, like a yoga position). If you find a “standard” doggy style too painful, you have many choices: place a pillow under your stomach or knees to change the angle.

Do you think Snoop Dogg was the first person to refer to sexual positions in 1992? impossible. The ancient Greeks and Romans had art and literature that referred to sexuality. The Roman philosopher Lustris even recommended that pregnant couples become pregnant at the same time as other couples (please note that this has no scientific basis).

Many songs refer to doggy style

According to Genius, more than 1,600 songs focus on this title “PIMP.” by 50 Cent, “The Bad Touch” by The Bloodhound Gang, and “Back That Thing Up” by Justin Moore (which is a local song about doggy-style sex in a warehouse, and it’s as good as it sounds).

Some women have doggy style that is painful because of the intense penetration. Some women may feel their partner deep in their cervix. If this is too uncomfortable, try to reduce the penetration level and play with the angle of your hips. Try getting down on your arms or palms to find out if its depth affects your comfort level.

Even though it is called “doggy style,” many other animals are found doing it this way, including horses, camels, giraffes, and elephants. This is not just for vaginal sex. Doggy can be used to do anal sex as well.

According to the Women’s Health Pool, men named Doggy style their favorite sexual position and fiddled with the old stand-by like a missionary.

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