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Welcome to our Hertfordshire Escort Anna

Hello there gentlemen. I’m deeply flattered to have caught your attention. I hope you’re already imagining our time together; I know I am.

I’m authentic, friendly and genuine. I devour books and I love to hike. I always have a smile on my face, although my cheery disposition is tempered by what I hope is a pleasantly cynical outlook on the world! I aim to be the perfect companion for you to unwind with following a stressful day or business meeting. Open, relaxed and genuine, I easily share stories from my life and travels and love to hear yours.

But looks really can be deceptive. Educated, working in my chosen field, you’d think me straight-laced and conventional at first glance. Get to know me in private, however, and watch those misconceptions cast aside with our clothing.

I’m a part-time paramour who loves her day job but also needs to find time for more erotic encounters, but I know that you’ll understand that need completely. That’s why you’re here.

My life is something of a delicious balancing act and I’m captivated at the thought of bringing that to your life as well.

I am your ultimate gatekeeper to your hidden desires & will unlock your forbidden kinks. My playful sensual nature keeps you on your toes & begging for more.

I welcome you to my kinky dream of pure fantasy and pleasure, combined with my healing abilities to see beyond your reality. 

No one likes a boring girl, let’s skip the traditional sessions and dive deeper.

I am your Mistress & Healer all in one.

 How lucky are you to have found me? Pleasure is my ultimate goal. Are you ready to submit & let go?

I’m fuelled by my passion for historic Hertfordshire. For fun, I explore new neighbourhoods, sketch at museums, and immerse myself in the evolving artistic scene.

At home, I sew, draw, and decorate my living space with plants and charming antiques. When it comes to media, I adore podcasts and graphic novels. Yoga, candles, and fresh flowers lift my spirits.

I consider myself bubbly, selfless, and curious. In a date, I value an open-minded gentleman who can let his guard down and laugh with me. I love a man who knows what he wants. 

Maybe you’ll take the reins and plan a weekend getaway to Paris, or maybe you’ll want me to plan the perfect Friday evening at the ballet. Or maybe neither, and we’ll stay at home playing a game of backgammon by the fireplace. 

If we are both open and vulnerable, something beautiful will come out Hertfordshire.

When we meet, chances are you’ll find me casually dressed; perhaps in jeans and a tank top or a cute dress, always with a surprise underneath. But I love to dress up, too: heels, cocktail dresses, and lingerie are favourites of mine.

You will have a chance to request an outfit for me to wear that you love. Let’s get to know each other closer. 

Some of my hobbies include yoga, going to the gym, dancing, yachting and horse riding. Art and photography are very close to my heart, as is literature and travelling.

I am highly selective, and prefer longer dates which allow us to get to know one another. I absolutely adore the build-up by flirting over drinks or dinner! 

By all means, take me to your favourite spot. I am a foodie, as well as an avid bourbon and wine enthusiast.

You can now book our gorgeous Hertfordshire Escort by calling us or simply using our booking form on our website. 

We have a large selection of beautiful escorts available for you to select from our gallery. We hope you find what you are looking for and we await your booking. 

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