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Best 10 Tips to Sext with Aldenham Escorts


Teasing is the essence of creating tension. The best way is to flirt and get her attention and keep her guessing at the same time. Keep it simple and a little naughty!

Naturally, teasing is fun. You’ve got to keep her guessing, sarcastically criticize her, and make her feel vulnerable in a lighthearted way. Just keep in mind these points:


Make naughty comments and inuendos and ensure to give her enough to want her coming back for more; otherwise, she will lose interest.

Express yourself

Smile, use your hands for movement and change your tone of voice. At the end of the playful sentence, turn your voice up. Get excited and physical. Exaggerate and be funny at times. Also, laugh with her a lot!

Ramp it up

Get used to joking with the women you meet. It is an innocent, harmless, and good fun. Plus, you will get a lot of attention in the process.

The following ten examples aren’t just for girls in bars. They can be used on dates, at parties, and sometimes with texts.

Give her a nickname

“You’re such a little brat/punk!” (smiling)
“Don’t worry, sweetie/babe/pumpkin/cupcake, everything will be just fine.” (jokingly comforting her)

Point out something embarrassing or nerdy about her

“OMG, your dimples are so adorable.”
“You have the cutest freckles on your nose.”
If she does something awkward, “Mary, we can’t have good things.”

Mimic or mock her

If you goes crazy with jokes, it makes her laugh.
Explain the accent openly. Repeat the words toward her with your hands on your hips.

Challenge her

If you are in a bar or club, dance stupidly.
“Please girl, and I would so whoop your ass in X.”
“The first one to get served at the bar and pay for her drink.”

Treat her like a child

“Oh god, you’re so fired.”
“I think somebody needs a timeout.”

Play with her

“You like Dr. Who? We’re officially best friends now.” (put your arm around her)
“That’s it. We’re breaking up — I want my letterman jacket back!”

Humorously stereotype her

“A Brooklyn girl, you packing heat?”
“Uh oh, a lawyer…I got to be careful what I say around you.”

Tell her you wouldn’t get along

“I can’t believe you like Twilight, we can’t be friends anymore.”
“We could never be friends. We’re both too stubborn.”

Disagree with anything she said

Playfully turn your back to her.
After she says, she dislikes something, say that you do like it or vice versa.
Call her out for being rude or shallow.

Accuse her of hitting on you

“Are you hitting on me?”
“Get your mind out of the gutter!”

Remember, the teasing comes to enjoy yourself and create social dynamics. Use examples as a guide but start testing your ideas based on your personality.

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