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5 Top Tips So You Can Sex It Like A Pro

5 Top Tips So You Can Sex It Like A Pro

Well, who doesn’t want to be great in bed? To have not just good sex, but to have great sex which completely satisfies the ladies in Hertfordshire and yourself before, during, and after?

Now, the quality of sex varies on a number of factors, from the mood to energy level to location. And of course, we’re kidding ourselves if we think that for anyone, let alone busy, stressed out parents, sex will always be great. But striving to get better at sex and improving your sex technique is a noble pursuit according to us, Hertfordshire Escorts. A healthy life carries an impressive list of benefits for any parties involved.

Enough with the opening. Let’s jump to the tips immediately. It’s what you’ve been waiting for, right? These are the 5 good tips for you to do it like a pro according to Hertfordshire Escorts Agency.


Sure, the idea of scheduling sex doesn’t sound super hot, but it can help keeping things on track. Life is so stressful. People get so busy. And too often, sex is one of the first things to get bumped lower on the priority list. Putting sex on your calendar can help reposition it back on top. Besides, with you knowing what is waiting for you later on will give you something fun to look forward to throughout the day.


Bringing some new ideas to the bedroom can be a little bit intimidating. Do yourself a favour and invite your lady to join you on the quest. Watch some porn together. Read some erotic novels or articles. Talk about what is out there and discuss what seems appealing to you both. In that way, you and your lady can both avoid the fallout from any awkward rejection.


If you really want to make sure you are getting a good share of sex, you may think about embracing the quickie. It will allow you to enjoy sex and get on with your day in a timely fashion. You can always save the cuddly stuff with your lady for later. Think about employing the most convenient positions possible. Standing doggie will always be a great option for couples on the go.


Sex does not always begin and end in the bedroom. You have to do your best to keep sexual communication up throughout the day, especially if you have plans to get it on after today’s work. Send out a sexy text around lunch. Forward over a suggestive meme. Let your lady know you are thinking about them in that way, even when you are apart. Flirtation is also important to maintain within a relationship. It is a fun way to punctuate the day. Hold on to the energy, when at home and when not.


Males tend to gravitate towards penile orgasms, although it is important to point out that other pleasure centers exist, and are located insde their bodies. The prostate is known to produce such intense orgasms and it has been dubbed “the male G-spot.” It can be accessed internally, thorugh the anus, or externally, via the perineum. The more open minded you are, the more pleasure you might enjoy.

Well, gents, how are our suggested lists sounds? Can’t wait to try those 5 tips, already? Our ladies at Hertfordshire Escorts will be very lucky to have fun with you once you’ve practiced those tips that we gave.. And you also will be very lucky as soon as you book them, because we have the finest ladies in Hertfordshire. Book them while they’re available. Call us at +442039885298 or +442039885299 to get yourself a great sex life.