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For the ladies in Hertfordshire, they want to have sex with fit men sometimes, and it might be you. Let’s take it maybe you have been hitting your workouts at home and have started to see some gains. While some men are out there eating entire pizzas and binge-watching, you actually got your own shit together and worked your ass off. Now, gentlemen, it has come the time for you to show off in your bed! It is time to use those fitness skills that you’ve gained to pull off some physically-demanding sexual positions that require a little bit of your strength and flexibility.

You know, even though the sexual positions on this list may not be super strenuous, they do not exactly double the amount when you’re working out. Well, unless you are having sex actively for hours and hours, you are not going to burn that many calories. There is a study that concluded men burn 100 calories during average sex session, while women only burn about 69 calories, but we think that those figures are likely overestimated. The researchers have found that men burn roughly 4.2 calories per minutes during sex session, while women only burn 3.1 calories.

Dear Hertfordshire Escorts’ readers, it still doesn’t mean that you can’t get to show off some fitness-centric sexual positions now that you are swole. These are the 5 best sex positions to test your fitness skills according to Hertfordshire Escorts Agency.


First things first, have your lady wrap her legs around you on the edge of the bed. From there, you stand on up. You are going to need some serious glute and quad strength to pull this one off, mate!


This mountain climber position is just like missionary, only that you are propping yourself up with your arms. And this position is also well-known as “The Push Up,” in that case you will need more than abs to pull it off successfully. You will also need to have strong chest, shoulders, and back too.


Just like the missionary position, you will have your lady lie on her back, you need to hold up her legs in a “V” position. And you can get some serious glute action if you squeeze enough your butt while thrusting, but this captain position is also amazing because it shows off how amazing your chest and abs are.


In the fire hydrant, traditionally, you need to start in doggy style and then lift up one of your lady’s legs and rest it on your thigh. But you can also lift up your lady’s leg with your arms, any one of those that you like. This will grant you more access to her sweet-sweet spot and gives yourself a little arm and shoulder flex.


This position is just like the classic doggy style, but you have your lady resting on the soles on their feet, instead of her knees. In this position, you might need to use that new arm and wrist strength to hold her by her sides, and make her really thrust herself into you.

Well, gents, how are our suggested lists sounds? Are you fit enough to try those? Our ladies at Hertfordshire Escorts will be very lucky to help you test your fitness skills, mates. And you also will be very lucky as soon as you book them, because we have the finest ladies in Hertfordshire. Book them while they’re available. Call us at +442039885298 or +442039885299 to get yourself a healthy sex life.