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5 Best Places To Spice Up Your Sex Life

5 Best Places To Spice Up Your Sex Life

For the girls from escorts in Hertfordshire, they always want to step up the game to serve their clients, and it’s you. Let’s take it maybe you want to spice up your daily sex life. And maybe you have some fantasies that you want to make a reality. This could be that someone told you to “find a motel,” and you are just hell-bent on showing them (and Hertfordshire Escorts Agency agrees with you).

Whatever the reason is, it’s time. It’s time to expand your mind and broaden your experiences. Because there are still so many great places to bang which not involving a bedroom or even a bed.

You know, sometimes the best path to learn about yourself is to get outside of your comforting zone and start exploring your fantasy or imagination. You probably find that you are a more adventurous lover than what you’ve realized.

Dear Hertfordshire Escorts’ readers, we hope that you’re excited because we will give you these best places to have sex to spice up your sex life.


Well, what’s more seductive than “Sonatine” by Maurice Ravel? Getting busy on the sleek Steinway while the pianist (it could be you or your lady) works through each movement. But, if you are not in a position to make it happens, you can try getting busy on any grand piano should get your keys ringing.

And do you know? New research proves that music can increase women’s attraction for men. The lid is big enough to hold most people. Go jump on up, then take the advantage of the slick high-gloss finish, and produce some music of your very own.


As hot as it sounds, this is one of the best places there is. If you happen to never experience nuts roasting on (or near) an open fire, you are literally missing out. There are some fewer things more romantic than rolling around on your rug, soaking up the warmth given by the crackling fire. The skin of your lady will glow, glistening against the soft hues of orange and yellow.

And as you move about, you can give it a try with the natural temperatures of the room. The shadows cool your sex-flushed face while the heat warms your willing orifices. Afterward, you can try to snuggle up for some hot cocoa and post-shag bonding.


Ready to spin around? We bet you are. Did you know that not all Ferris wheels are created equal? Many wheels provide you a private cabin. Even some wheels offer swank cabins with velour or velvet interiors and champagne. It is almost like they are asking you to get naughty in there. Sometimes, the more money you spend the longer you enjoy the ride. And ride you will.

For most wheels, you get about 15 minutes to do the “thing”. A little bit tips, tipping the attendant might get you a little longer. The best position for this kind of place is the love seat. It reduces rocking while increasing the depth of penetration. Enjoy the views while you’re at the top, and also don’t forget to enjoy the champagne.


The vibrations in high-frequency of a washing machine when they are spinning are almost as great as vibrators and cock rings. You can say it, it’s a two-in-one; you could both jump up the machine and take its advantage. Your lady can really enjoy the vibrations on her clit.

And you, you can enjoy the vibes on your balls and perineum. Let the washing machine work with you. Spin and roll, just like the load underneath you. Let the vibrations caused by the spin cycle course through you. And then, wipe yourself off with a towel or something and you can just pop it right off in to the machine.


There is nothing special about knocking boots between the sheets in a hotel room, everyone knows that. As a matter of fact, if you are tossing in the bedsheets, there’s a probability of you rolling around in someone else’s juices, you will not want that.

You can avoid that nonsense by skipping the bed and go straight to the balcony of your hotel room. Bonus points for you if the balcony has the view of interesting places. Be heard but don’t be seen, let go those pleasure moans and sneak inside the safe shadows of your balcony walls.

Well, gents, how are our suggestions sounds? Sounds wonderful, right? Our ladies at Hertfordshire Escortswill be very lucky to experience it with you, mates. And you also will be very lucky as soon as you book them, because we have the finest ladies in Hertfordshire. Book them while they’re available. Call us at +442039885298 or +442039885299 to get yourself a spicy sex life.