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4 Best Reasons For Car Sex

4 Best Reasons For Car Sex

Whether you are doing it out of necessity, or seeking sexual fantasies, being trapped in a car is very common. In fact, a recent study by online driver’s education resource,, found that nearly 85 percent of people say they’ve had sex in the car. It’s a must-do for most people.

Here are 4 Reasons Why You Should try Car Sex with Your Hertfordshire Escorts.

Choose the right car.

Trying to drive a small car can be a huge challenge, which is why thousands of people say they prefer to drive an SUV over any other type of car. Of all the other options available outside of the car, the gender rating in the SUV is 3.4 / 5. The coupe and pickup also score 3.4, while the crossover and sedan score 3.2 on a satisfactory scale.

While SUVs are excellent connecting vehicles, sedans are the most commonly used cars. In fact, a large proportion of 66% says they have used a sedan over 40% of an SUV.

Cowgirl is a very satisfying position.

That’s all you can do in the car. But car sex is the number one sex position you can really do. People gave it a satisfactory rating of 3.5 / 5. The second best position to do is doggy style, followed by seated cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and then missionary. At the bottom of the list is 69. Unsurprisingly, 69 has a satisfaction rating of only 2.3 / 5. This is a sensible position, but far from car-friendly.

There is still some work to do at the back.

It goes without saying, but the person having sex in the car says that a backseat is a great place. People rated sex in the back of a car on a 4.3 / five satisfaction scale. The second most popular place to do this is in the passenger seat, followed by the driver’s seat. Luggage is the least popular place to get there unless you have a pickup truck. In this case, people rated the tailgate to be 3.2 / 5 on the satisfaction scale.

When getting out of a car, people prefer to stand in front of it while using it for support rather than climbing onto the roof and standing there or on top of a robber.

Location matters

One of the best things about leaning against the car is that you can do it wherever you want. If you are passionate about doing something in public, this study found that the most popular parking spots are in parking lots. Surrounding it are other remote locations, followed by driveways, roadsides, and landscapes. The least popular place to park and connect is in the parking garage. But of course. When you’re stuck in a car, it’s essential to make sure you don’t do anything that will cause you too much trouble.

If you want your car to have a good sex experience, the session must be planned in advance. This means finding a remote place to minimize the risk of getting caught. If you can use a big car like an SUV, do it.

Don’t try to get too creative with positions. You have limited space to plan in the car, so it is best to stick to the basics. Oral sex can be fun, but I’m not suggesting a dangerous ‘main road’ because it can be devastating. Also, have sex with your partner in the car, but please don’t cheat in your car.

Sex in the car may not be your first choice for sex, but sometimes it’s the only option. Or an easy way to put them all together. And, once you find the best way to do it, it sure can be fun.

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